How to Grow a Beard (9 Steps to Grow a Beard Fast)

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How to Grow a Beard (9 Steps to Grow a Beard Fast)

How to Grow a Beard (9 Steps to Grow a Beard Fast)

The idea of growing a beard has taken the world by storm. 

Men with luscious whiskers on their faces have been making a major comeback and the thought of a large beard is trending.

I am sure you have tried to grow a beard, and for some of us…. damn, it is hard to do. 

Every man wants a full looking beard that is easy to grow, but boy is the process of growing a well-groomed beard not easy.


Let’s get this straight, there is NOOOOOO secret formula to growing a beard. 

If you have it in your genes then you were blessed with the bearded DNA. Your mom and dad gave you a gift your should be thankful for. 

Even if you do not have this gene though, you should not be frustrated nor disappointed. 

There are some things the average man can do to help accelerate the growth of those whiskers and allow them to blossom on your face.

You need to help your body grow this hair - there are a few things you can do to make this happen. 

What you’re really trying to do is maximize your body’s potential for facial hair growth. 

Most men are likely living with habits that hinder growth, so read the tips below to ensure you end up with the mane you were meant to have.

Before I jump in and share my wisdom let’s get something straight…... 

Women love beards - so you better keep reading ;)

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How to Grow a Beard (9 Steps to Grow a Beard Fast) Part 1


How to Grow a Beard (9 Steps to Grow a Beard Fast) Part 2


1. Food

Your diet and the food you put in your body has a major impact on the way your facial hair will grow. 

Do you know the saying “you are what you eat”? This saying is perfectly accurate when looking to grow your manly beard.

It all comes down to how your body produces the male hormone testosterone and DHT. (DHT is a “sex hormone that contributes to the development of what are thought of as “male” sex characteristics”). 

When you eat foods that promote the production of testosterone and DHT, your beard has a better chance of growing in relatively fuller.

Eating the correct food has a much greater impact than you might think. Look, what you put into your body has a major impact on the way your facial hair will grow.

If you have the correct diet, you can definitely boost your hair growth. 

In addition to beard growth through increases in hormones, the correct food can have a major impact on the vitamins and minerals within one's body. 

Varying vitamins and minerals can create chemical changes within one's body which can increase beard growth. A great diet can most definitely lead to a thicker and more luscious beard.

Despite the fact that this might sound too good to be true (I can eat good food and grow a great beard?), there is science that backs up these tactics for beard growth. The food you put into your body most definitely can affect the way your facial hair grows.  

If you are looking for what foods can help beard grow, check out this list of just a few below. 

Eggs - a great source of protein and a bunch of nutrients needed for hair growth.

Nuts - your body receives selenium, an important mineral for hair growth. 

Raisins - a great way to boost the synthesis of DHT and testosterone.

Beef - a red meat super high in saturated fat, which is crucial in producing testosterone.

Potatoes - some studies show that a diet in carbs helps beard growth.


2. Sleep

Sleep is essential to every human being's daily lifestyle. This is the time that your body can recover from a long day worth of hard work. 

Hair growth is very similar. 

First and foremost, the majority of growth for every human’s hair occurs at night, while they are asleep. This is when cellular turnover for the hair follicles is at its peak. 

Your body and your hair need you to get a good amount of sleep so that your body can recharge. If you are not properly resting, your hair is not growing at its full potential. 

In addition, if you don’t sleep - you are limiting the blood flow to your head. This means there are fewer nutrients. Fewer nutrients mean that it is more difficult for your hair follicles to grow (get some sleep)!

You need to continually get a good amount of zzz's. Honestly, you better be getting your 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep more and I am sure your luscious whiskers will thank you! 

The main idea though is that sleep is very important and an integral part of growing out your beard.


Do you actually want to grow your beard? 

HAHAHA -- I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading. 

3. Exercise

If you have read this far, I am sure you are on the right path to growing that full manly beard. 

Your luscious whiskers are on there way.

Being that you are reading a Newmen blog, I am sure you are a man who cares about how he looks and feels. With that, it would only make sense that you exercised on a daily basis. 

Now say you didn’t exercise on a daily basis -- well this is your chance to start. 

Eating and sleeping are essential, but I am here to tell you that exercising is super important as well! 

Look, growing a beard is hard, but exercising is a great way to help expedite that growth. 

Here are some reasons why. 

  1. When an individual works out, their body, mind and overall health improve. A healthy life and a stronger body lead to stronger growth of hair.
  1. Working out helps boost one’s metabolism, which can lead to greater hair growth.
  1. Working out helps optimize testosterone levels, leading to more hair growth.
  1. A great workout can help with replenishing your body with healthy hair follicles.

There have been studies that show how working out and consistent physical activity can result in greater facial hair growth. Not only will it help you grow an amazing beard, but it will keep you in shape.

It never hurts to exercise!


Hey brother, I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading. 

4. Nourish your face

Think about the hair on your head.... the more healthy and nourishing your scalp is the better your hair will grow. 

This concept works the same for facial hair. 

Luscious whiskers on your face need a healthy face to grow. Well-cared-for skin is a must under your beard. 

You should definitely have a good facial skin routine to help keep the skin under your beard healthy.

Every morning and night, you should wash your face with a moisturizing facial cleanser to control the oil buildup. 

In addition, you should exfoliate at least once a week to keep healthy facial skin. 

Keeping your facial skin healthy and clean will definitely help produce better facial hair in the long term. 

Your face will look and feel more healthy and it will encourage facial hair growth. 

Not bad right? Keep your face clean and healthy and you will be doing your beard a favor!


I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading. 

5. Testosterone

The manliest men in the world are juiced up with tons of testosterone. 

It should not be a surprise to you then that increasing testosterone levels can increase facial hair growth.

Testosterone is a hormone very closely related to facial hair growth. 

The hormone helps growth within the hair follicles which then leads to DHT (“sex hormone that contributes to the development of what are thought of as “male” sex characteristics”)  promoting the actual hair growth on the man’s face. 

The rule of thumb here is that more testosterone for the most part means greater facial hair growth. 

The goal is then to really focus on increasing testosterone. 

Like I said before though, if it’s not in your genes testosterone won’t just bless you with luscious whiskers. What it will do though is optimize your facial genes to grow the best possible beard that you can grow.

If you have a face as smooth as a baby's bottom, then you might only be able to add a few more hairs to your face, but if you’re already growing facial hair this can most definitely get you to the next level of manly beard.


I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading. 

6. Use correct products

Keep on reading. They're only a few more things we need to talk about. 

There are some essential products that are needed to have to grow a beard. 

The same way you shampoo your hair very often you need to shampoo your beard very often. 

That gorgeous mop on top of your head gets dirty. 

The same exact thing happens with the luscious whiskers on your face. 

Just make sure that when you wash your beard there's no leftover product inside of it because it can dry out your face. 

It is imperative that your beard is washed because if the hair follicles get clogged up with dirt and different oils, the hair on your face has a hard time growing. 

You should also have a very good beard oil. Good beard oil will keep your facial hair moisturized.  

It is super important to keep your beard soft and always groomed. 

A good beard oil will keep your skin and your hair hydrated which is really important when focusing on growing a great beard.  

Lastly, you can also use beard balm which is similar to beard oil and can also be used to soften up the hair on your face. 

All these products add nutrients to your beard and help it both grow and look better. 

Do your beard a favor and actually get some good products because they will help you in the long term.


I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading. 

7. Grooming your facial hair

As you start to show some signs of luscious whiskers, grooming and regularly trimming is a must. 

You need to do it every so often. For some that can mean once or twice a week for others that can mean every single day. 

Regardless, keeping it groomed and trimmed is very important for shaping it over time and making it look the way you want to look as you work to grow your beard. 

Make sure that you're brushing and combing your beard against the grain so that all the hairs stand in the same direction. Doing this will allow your hair to grow more efficiently and look better over time. 

If you have any little patches or single hairs make sure you groom them so that the whole entire beard is even. You want to help your guide beard into its ideal state.


Look brother, when you trim your facial hair it comes back more luscious and looks better every single time (for the most part). So make sure you take care of that thing and keep it groomed and trimmed.

I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading.

8. Oil and Vitamins

Everyone has heard about oils and vitamins for your beard.

There are definitely some that are really really good for helping the growth of your luscious whiskers.

Carrier oils like jojoba oil,  argan oil, coconut oil, and almond oil are fantastic for your beard.

There are also some essential oils like tea tree oil and peppermint oil which are really really good for your beard as well.

No matter what, these oils are amazing conditioners for your beard. 

Additionally, some vitamins that are really good for your beard include Vitamin B12, Biotin, and niacin which can help strengthen and help condition the hair on your face. 

These added nutrients, definitely help grow your beard and make it look extremely healthy and clean.

Oils and vitamins are also amazing aids when it comes to itchiness and dryness under your beard. 

Back to what we were saying before about food. You can find a lot of these vitamins in your diet, so make sure that you're eating the correct food. 

Overall, oils and vitamins are great for your beard. So make sure you add that to your list.


I know you want to Grow your beard….. Keep reading.

9. Patience is a virtue

At the end of the day, patience is a virtue. 

It is super important to be patient when growing a beard. 

Every man, from a scrawny little boy to a sixty-year-old man has different beard genes. 

Beards grow in different places, at different paces, and at different thicknesses.  

You need to be patient! Some people might grow a massive beard, some might grow a goatee, some might even grow a mustache. At the end of the day, you need to be patient and trust me something will eventually grow. 

Trust me! 

This is a long-term game 

This could take a month - this could take six months - this could even take 60 years for god sakes. 

But trust me, enjoy the process - it's all about patience and guess what you will look amazing at the end! 

Enjoy that beard, my friend! You deserve it!



If you've gone all the way to the end of this blog you definitely are excited to start growing your beard. 

Brothers, it is now time to grow out that beard. 

As Newmen

You should feel great 

You should look great 

And honestly, if a beard is going to make you feel and look great - what are you waiting for.... you better start growing those luscious whiskers today. 

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