How Testosterone and DHT Help You Grow a Beard

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How Testosterone and DHT Help You Grow a Beard

How Testosterone and DHT Help You Grow a Beard 

Let’s face it, if you’re growing out a beard, you want it to be full, thick and brimming with confidence.

A f*%k ton of men I see (and know) have a tough time growing out their beard to their full potential either because of tough genetics, pour grooming or using the wrong type of products.

Most of the beard care industry sells expensive products that marginally help your beard to look its best.

Plus most guys don’t have 30 bucks lying around each month to spend on their beard. The question we’re all wondering is: How can I improve my beard without breaking the bank ($$)?

Here at Newmen we provide you with the best tips and tricks to growing your greatest beard possible and one trick you cannot forget is: DHT + Testosterone.


What the f%@k is DHT?

Sounds like a hard drug right? Well almost, because it is a SEX hormone that helps with hair growth, muscle gain and fertility. Sounds too good to be true right?

These little hormones float throughout the body and grab onto receptors (but they especially love your hair follicles).

I bet you’ve heard of testosterone right? 

Well DHT is much stronger than testosterone and gives you the masculine drive much more than testosterone. 


Wait, Why Does My Beard Love DHT?

Remember that one kid in 8th grade who was growing a full beard? 

There’s DHT at work!

Men with higher levels of DHT will typically have significantly more facial hair than men with lower levels. 

And, if your body is particularly sensitive to these hormones, you'll likely grow a beard at an earlier age than others.

Keep in mind that this is not black and white! Genetics plays a huge role in how your body reacts to DHT. 

Some people are more sensitive to it (and grow hair faster) and other people are less sensitive to it (and grow hair slower).

If you’re having a tough time growing a beard, it doesn’t mean you’re not “manly” enough. You could just be someone who is less sensitive to this growth hormone.


Where can I find DHT? Walmart?

You can find just about anything in the world at your local Walmart, BUT in this case, DHT actually comes from TESTOSTERONE.

The miracle man hormone, TESTOSTERONE, is something you probably learned about in your middle school science class or in some intense Men’s Health magazine.

Testosterone turns into DHT in those two little ping pong balls dangling between your legs. 

Your gonads are working hard to promote your manhood by turning your testosterone into DHT with the help of an enzyme.

Every single day about 10% of the testosterone down in your nuts gets converted into DHT.

For those who hate math: If you have 100 testosterones in the morning, by night time you will have 10 DHT. 

BUT this is after puberty, if you’re still in high school your DHT production isn’t running on all four cylinders.

TLDR: DHT is an intense manhood hormone and comes from testosterone.


Testosterone: You’ve Heard of it, But What is it Really?

Testosterone is a hormone that your body starts ramping upright when you start going through puberty.

This little hormone is the reason why your voice gets deep, you feel full in your pants when you see an attractive girl, you start gaining muscle and your nuts drop as you go through puberty.

 Your testosterone peaks in your early 20’s and then starts declining into your late 30’s.

If you’re in this sweet spot of age range GREAT, if not, no worries because there are tons of things you can do to increase your testosterone levels for your beard. 

Pros of having more testosterone are that your beard grows faster, you gain more muscle and you have much more of the manly traits.


I’m a Guy That Wants Higher Testosterone, What Should I Eat?

Pharmacies and pill companies will try to sell you all sorts of shit to “help” boost your testosterone “through the roof!” 

You can find those exact same vitamins and minerals in your day to day diet and routine with a bit of planning.

#1 rule for a testosterone boosting diet is making sure you are eating enough. 

If your body is concerned about not getting enough calories, it isn’t going to prioritize making this hormone.

Protein is also important to be consuming in the correct proportion. 

You may think the more the merrier? 

Not quite!

You should shoot to get about 25% of your calories from protein. 

A great benchmark for reference is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. About 25% of the calories come from the meatballs, which are a protein.

Fats are important! 

Which fats should you eat more of? 

Saturated and monounsaturated fats which are in nuts, avocados, and salmon increase testosterone. Aim for getting about 30% of your calories from these fats, and limit trans fats.  

If you are worried about not eating a nutrient-rich diet, it may be a good idea to try taking a simple multivitamin. 

We don’t endorse taking pills that “solve everything” but in this case, it is important that you are getting all those vitamins and minerals in your body.


Anything Else I Can Do To Boost My Testosterone? 

Absolutely yes! 

One of the best things you can do to boost your testosterone is EXERCISE.

Every time that you get a good work out, your body releases a surge of testosterone throughout the blood.

Are there certain exercises that are better than others? The best exercise for testosterone is weight lifting and high-intensity workouts.

Going out on a long run or bike ride isn’t going to zap your testosterone to zero, BUT if you are on the treadmill for over an hour you might not be doing your testosterone a favor.

Sleeping is another essential activity for testosterone. 

You should aim to get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep each night. 

Your body produces testosterone during REM-sleep (which is your deepest level of slumber).

In one study, guys that slept for less than 4 hours had 50% less testosterone than guys sleeping for 8 hours (and they were probably miserable haha).



You want a kickass beard, but don’t want to break the bank with supplements and beard kits.

DHT and Testosterone are two “manly” hormones that help with beard growth and health.

DHT comes from testosterone. 

Testosterone comes from 1) eating the right amounts of fats, proteins and vitamins 2) Higher intensity exercise 3) Sleeping more.

Just know that here at Newman we are dedicated to taking your beard from great to out of this f#*king world. 

We want to be here with you each step along the way, whether your beard is patchy or pristine.

Next time you walk in a room, let's make sure your beard drops jaws and panties.



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