5 Bad Beard Habits You Should Avoid

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5 Bad Beard Habits You Should Avoid

5 Bad Beard Habits You Should Avoid

Your beard should be cherished as one of your most prized possessions.

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All too often I see men abusing their beards and not giving them the proper care they deserve - a true crime!

Whether it's leaving your beard unnourished or not giving it the trim it deserves, not taking care of your beard properly can seriously impact your beard's appearance and feel.

While a woman’s hair is not the same as the luscious whiskers on your face, the same logic applies.

The way a woman tends to her glorious mane is the way a man should tend to his beard.

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Women spend hours and countless amounts of money making their hair look perfect, and while this is not necessarily required for the upkeep of your beard - all bearded men should look to women and use them as an example of how to properly take care of their facial hair.

However, looking to woman as an example is easier said than done, so the boys over at Newmen thought it necessary to provide you with five bad habits you should avoid having your beard looking good and staying healthy.

If you truly care about your beard I seriously recommend reading the 5 bad habits (in no particular order) that you should avoid below. 

Bad Habit 1: Pulling At Your Beard

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This should be avoided at all costs.

Pulling at your beard can lead to hair loss and bald spots!

While I understand the inclination to tug on your face rug, you should fight this inclination and stop doing it.

Every time you pull at your beard you in term are actually pulling out individual hairs hurting the hair follicles and making the surrounding hairs weaker.

Every once in a while is no big deal - but when this becomes habit problems start to arise.

Bad Habit 2: Plucking Grey Beard Hairs

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I know, we all hate those grey hairs - they make us look older and take away from the color and consistency of our beards.

Plucking these hairs can cause irritations, ingrown hairs, and at the worst - infections!

Instead of hating these off-colored hairs, you should embrace them… they give you character!

Bad Habit 3: Not Moisturizing Your Beard

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While I know this may sound obvious, but moisturizing your beard is vital to keeping it healthy.

Not moisturizing your beard can leave the skin below the beard dry, itchy, and brittle!

This is not only for the health of your beard but also for your comfort!

Beard oils and balms will work wonders for you. Stay moisturized.

Bad Habit 4: Using Hair Shampoo On Your Beard

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While this may seem like a viable alternative to your standard beard shampoo - it is in fact not.

Typical hair shampoos contain chemicals that are bad for not only your skin but also your beard.

Hair shampoo is made for your scalp which is actually far more resistant than the skin on your face and under your beard.

So if you are out of beard shampoo and you are considering using your hair shampoo - think again.

Bad Habit 5: Bad Neckline Shaping

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I know this sounds weird but it is actually super important.

Your beard neckline outlines, and to some extent, highlights your beards appearances.

Trimming up your beard neckline incorrectly can make your whole beard look weird - something you definitely want to avoid.

You want your neckline to look natural and to achieve this you should use the two-finger rule to determine where your natural neckline should be.


There you have it!

5 critical bad habits you should seriously avoid if you have a beard.

While it is natural to mess up every once in a while, you should not let any of the things mentioned above turn into habits.

If you avoid letting any of these things become habits I guarantee your beard will look and feel a hell of a lot better!



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