3 Ways Exercise and Working Out Helps You Grow a Better Beard

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3 Ways Exercise and Working Out Helps You Grow a Better Beard

3 Ways Exercise and Working Out Helps You Grow a Better Beard

The number one question that bearded men ask is: “How can I grow a better beard?”

Guys with great beards stand apart from the crowd. 

When you have a nice beard and walk into a room, jaws and panties drop.

Some people want a fuller beard. Some want their beard to grow faster. Some want their beard to be less frizzy.

While there is absolutely no secret pill or product that will make your beard perfect, there are a couple of long term tricks to help with this.

When it comes to beard maintenance, everybody has heard of beard growth kits, supplements, and oils, HOWEVER, the hidden gem of beard growth is EXERCISE.


Few know that exercise is scientifically proven to help your beard in countless ways, and in fact, I have noticed actual changes in my beard growth when frequently exercising.

What does a “better” beard mean? 

How does working out lead to a “better” beard?

A “better” beard boils down to a beard that is growing in healthy, happy and that YOU are pleased with.

We all know that one fitness junkie who won’t stop talking about why exercise is so good for you.

We also all have that doctor who keeps giving you the same prescription (more exercise).

Today is your lucky day - all we will be talking about it why exercise is great for your beard.



Don’t Want to Read? There’s a Video

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How Exercise Can Help You Grow an Amazing Beard 


1. Testosterone

Testosterone: The man hormone. 

Ever wonder why you didn’t have any hair on your face when you were 10? 

Because your body wasn’t producing much testosterone.

It’s a simple equation: more testosterone → more beard. Simple as that!

Every time you workout, your body releases a rush of testosterone that contributes to those hairs on your face growing just a little bit more.

But hey, slow down there: It is important to know that all exercise is not created equal! Some exercise helps your testosterone while others hinder it.  

Which exercise is the best? 

Heavy weight lifting and high-intensity workouts (especially when you work for the larger muscle groups)

Which exercise is the worst? 

Long-distance endurance cardio, for example, running or cycling for hours (just another reason not to run a marathon).


The right form of exercise (weight lifting) → helps to increase testosterone → which helps to increase the rate that your beard grows in.

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2. Boosted Metabolism

Most people have heard about a “metabolism” from somebody who is dieting, but don’t really know what it means.

Your metabolism is simply how fast your body burns calories - simple!

After a morning at the gym or a long walk, you burn calories and help to increase your metabolism for hours after you finish your workout.

Most people like to have a high metabolism so they can eat anything without gaining weight, but here at Newmen, we care about having a high metabolism for our beards!

Your metabolism decides how fast your body can absorb nutrients and minerals from the food you eat. 

A faster metabolism means that your body absorbs more nutrients and minerals and will need somewhere to put them… that’s where your hair comes in.

All the hair in your body (beard included) depends on these nutrients and minerals to continue growing each and every day.

Next time you are out walking the dog or on a run in the neighborhood, just know that your beard is thanking you for the help : )


Exercise makes your body absorb nutrients & minerals faster, which your body then uses to help grow out that beard you got.


3. Blood Flow

Something that most people don’t know is that your hair actually grows from deep beneath your skin.

As your hair gets longer and longer it is easy to forget where it all started: the follicle.

While a lot of hair maintenance happens on the outside of your body, some of the most important haircare happens on the inside of your body.

Just like we need food to survive, your hair needs blood flow to keep it alive. 

More blood flow to the root of the hair means it can grow faster and healthier.

If you starved a teenager, they would stop growing and become unhealthy. Similarly, if you starve your hair of the proper blood flow, it will also stop growing and soon become unhealthy.

One of the best ways to increase that essential blood flow to your follicle is to…. (drumroll please) EXERCISE.


Working out forces your blood to pump throughout your entire body, and lucky enough for us, that includes your hair follicles.

Hands down the #1 way to help increase that blood flow throughout your whole body (and those beard hairs) are cardio exercises. This means going on a run, swim or bike ride (Harleys not included).


As you get your body moving →  more blood finds its way to your hair follicles, delivering everything that your hair needs to grow

Let’s Wrap it Up


Do you want a badass beard that drops jaws and panties? 

Some people are born with amazing beard genetics and some people need to do a little extra to get the beard they want.

There are a ton of things that I don’t know, BUT if there is one thing I do know, it is that a little bit of daily exercise nourishes your beard like a baby sipping from a bottle.

Whether it’s a walk around the block or a long gym session, all this physical activity increases your testosterone, your metabolism, and your blood flow to your hair.

Hate working out? 

Well, obviously it’s not the end of the world because you’ve probably been getting away with a nice beard and not working out for a while now.

Just know that here at Newmen we are dedicated to taking your beard from great to out of this f#*king world. 

We want to be here with you each step along the way, whether your beard is patchy or pristine.

Next time you walk in a room, let's make sure your beard drops jaws and panties.

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