27 Superfoods for Natural Beard Growth

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27 Superfoods for Natural Beard Growth

27 Superfoods for Natural Beard Growth


You are what you eat….. If you want to grow a beard - you better start eating a beard. 

I’m just joking when I say that, but honestly the food you put into your body definitely has effects on the facial hair that you grow on your face. 

Beard growth has a lot to do with your diet and the foods that you eat. 

Due to the fact that a lot of beard growth has to do with the many hormones in our body, the food we ingest helps regulate the two more important hormones, DHT and testosterone

If we eat the right food, we in a sense help our body harmonize these androgens and ultimately give us the best chance of growing luscious whiskers. 
At the end of the day, there are many foods that stimulate beard growth and they all do it in different ways. 

The truth is that there are many foods that promote beard growth. Some through impacting your hormone levels, others by providing vital beard nutrients to the follicles.

As always your goal when trying to grow a beard should be to maximize your body’s potential for facial hair growth. 

Most men (even myself sometimes) have dieting habits that most definitely hinder growth.

If that sounds like you or if you are someone that is just interested in learning how to grow your beard, read the tips below to ensure you end up with the mane you were meant to have.

Before I jump in and share my wisdom let’s get something straight…... 
Women love beards - so you better keep reading ;) 


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1. Eggs - Filled with an abundance of protein, one of the best and most needed nutrients for hair growth. 

Eggs have been a well known source of rich protein for hundreds of years. The protein helps build muscle and increase one's testosterone levels, which has a direct impact on facial hair growth and the thickness of a beard.
Eat your eggs!

2. Nuts - Now I am not talking about the ones between your legs, I am talking about things like almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts. Filled in these nuts are a high content of selenium which is imperative to hair growth.

Almonds: These bad boys have been around for ages. They are packed with iron, protein, biotin and Vitamin E - all which are essential to beard growth. 

Hazelnuts: These even badder boys, are a go to for beard growth. Hazelnuts are packed with protein, iron, zinc, boron, biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5. (That’s a lot of power). Try these things, you won’t be disappointed

Peanuts: For you science guru’s out there, peanuts are not nuts - they are legumes. Just so you know, they throw a powerful punch when it comes to beard growth. Peanuts have massive amounts of Protein, Iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Zinc. Keep eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you will have a beard in no time!  

3. Raisins - We all should know by now that we need a cr#p ton of DHT and testosterone to grow a luscious beard. 

Raisins are your best friend when it comes to making this happen! The small little dried grapes do not look like they do much, but boy they most definitely make magic happen.

These bad boys are a boron packed food, rich with nutrients that help boost testosterone levels. Munch on raisins everyday and you will see a luscious beard in no time. 

4. Beef - Have you had a steak in the last few days? If you haven’t, you should because beef is essential when looking to produce more testosterone in your body. 
The red meat is packed with essential vitamins for beard growth. Beef contains high levels of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B5, all essential to growing out your beard. 

A nice juicy steak sounds good, doesn't it ? Go eat one - you might grow some hair on your chest and on your face! 

5. Potatoes - There have been a few studies which show links between a carbohydrate diet and facial hair growth. You can cook an assortment of foods with potatoes that are all delicious and filled with essentials for beard growth.

Potatoes have a good amount of protein and iron in them which most definitely boost your facial hair growth. Some mashed potatoes sound good right now! 

6. Dark Chocolate - This one is a wildcard. Most people don’t ever think that dark chocolate is related to beard growth, but believe it or not there are some benefits. There is an abundance of zinc and iron in dark chocolate which stimulate hair growth and is also very healthy for you.

If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a new source of facial hair growth, drive down to your local supermarket and try some dark chocolate. You might actually like it.  

7. Greek Yogurt - The yogurt of the Greek God’s is a secret to beard growth that many do not know. All yogurts are high in protein, but Greek yogurt has even more protein content then that of your average yogurt.  

Zeus and Poseidon used to eat a lot of this stuff and that is why they had such luscious beards back in the day. Greek Yogurt is filled with protein, biotin, and zinc, all of which play a role in beard growth.

8. Butter - The Greek Gods ate Greek Yogurt, but did you know that Vikings loved butter? Some even say that it was tubs of butter that stimulated the Viking’s beard growth… Butter has an immense amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help repair and revitalize the hair and skin on your face.

These nutrients are essential and looked to have worked for the Vikings. Butter might honestly even work for you!

9. Turkey - Turkey is something most Americans eat during Thanksgiving, but you should start looking to add it into your diet as you embark on your beard growth journey. 

Turkey contains a whole assortment of nutrients from protein to Vitamin B5 - both of which help your beard grow. 

Start eating more lunch meat, you might see some hairs popping up on your face.  


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10. Fish - Some might say it smells, but in reality you need this in your diet. Fish contains essential nutrients that you pretty much can not find in any other food. 

It is a great source of Omega-3, which protects the cells on your skin allowing for fuller facial hair. If you do not like the taste of actual fish, maybe try some Fish oil pills, those could help as well! 

11. Chili Peppers - A spicy kick to food which has been around for over 6,000 years is a great way to get some facial hair growing! It will most definitely burn your tongue a bit which could be a catalyst for beard growth. 
Overall, chili peppers help your body absorb iron, which is essential to facial hair growth.

12. Spinach - Eat your spinach and you will look like Popeye! Not only will spinach help you look like Popeye, but it will also help you grow some luscious whiskers. 

Spinach is filled with  Protein, Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, and Boron. This leafy green is packed with benefits, so make sure you add it to your diet. 

13. Sunflower Seeds - Everyone knows someone who is constantly chewing on sunflower seeds. If you don’t know anyone who loves sunflower seeds, they are for bored people at a baseball game who just have a need for spitting. 

Despite their innate connection to baseball, sunflower seeds do in fact have a good amount of nutrients within their tiny packed shells.

These bad boys contain Iron, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5 which all are great for your diet and even better for your beard growth!

Some of the flavored ones taste pretty darn good. Go get yourself a bag and you might see some luscious whiskers start to sprout. 

14. Sesame Seed - It is time that you give the sesame seed some love. I personally love them on my bagels, but if you have never tried them or do not like sesame seeds, now is the time to change.  

These small seeds are actually filled with beard growth benefits such as biotin, iron, zinc, vitamin B5, and Vitamin A. Go eat some sesame bagels (maybe with some butter too), you’ll thank me. 

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15. Avocado - Avocado is a super food that not only tastes amazing, is super healthy for you, but it also is packed with essential nutrients that benefits facial hair. Coming from Mexico, an avocado is filled with Biotin, Boron, Protein and a bunch of great vitamins. Guacamole is a great source of avocado and can easily be made for lunch or dinner. Avocado is a pretty amazing food and I am sure your beard will thank you!

16. Orange - An orange a day keeps the beard doctor away! Oranges are great for facial hair growth because they are filed with Vitamin C,  biotin, vitamin B5, and Vitamin A. Orange slices make for a great snack and can easily be combined with yogurt or smoothies and taste great! 

17. Kiwi - Kiwis, for all who do not know, are actually berries with extremely high Vitamin C content. The fruit is a powerhouse with an abundance of antioxidants that can help your body absorb iron. Kiwi is a great fruit that can be enjoyed as a snack and can even go in a salad. Try a kiwi, its a great food for your diet. 

18. Mango - After you get through the hassle or deskinning and ripping the meat off the pit like a caveman there is nothing better than a sweet juicy mango. Mangoes are rich (richer than Bill Gates) in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, and Zinc. Not only do these little juicy bundles of happiness taste great, but these vitamins provide many redeeming values for your beard.

19. Cantaloupes - Kind of like your little brother that everyone likes much less than you, Cantaloupe are the little brothers to watermelon. Also these mini melons contain a ton of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A and Vitamin B5. Not only will this healthy fruit help you reduce that beer belly that your wife hates, but it will help you grow out your beard (which your wife loves).

20. Crab - The only thing more polarizing than politics is whether you like crab or not, but nonetheless crab is a surprisingly healthy option. With thousands of different crab types out there in the deep blue sea the most commonly consumed clawers are: king crab, snow crab, & blue crab.

However unlike they teach in animal right justice classes, not all crabs are made equal. The health benefits are different from species to species. One thing that all crabs do have in common is that they are an amazing source of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin C.

Next time you're driving by Joe’s Crab Shack, maybe you should do your beard a favor and go munch on a few of those little red pinchers. 

21. Kale - More like the cactus of vegetables, kale is actually great for you (just like every health freak ever has told you). It contains a f*ck ton of vitamin A, which the body uses to repair skin tissues.

Dry and damaged skin leads to dandruff in your beard and I know for me personally the only snow I like to see if when I go skiing. Kale is good for facial hair growth, because obviously you need healthy skin to grow that full beard that drops jaws.

22. Alfalfa Sprouts - In one study, scientists trapped 34 poor men into eating 50g of alfalfa sprouts per day and believe it or not their DHT levels increased by 21% and free testosterone by 14% in less than 4 weeks.

If you read our other great blogs, you would know that DHT helps increase beard growth and testosterone primes hair follicles for great growth. Although they usually taste like mud, this is a beard superfood.

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    23. Olive Oil - One of the greatest mysteries of all time: How do you get oil out of an olive? Regardless of that, olive oil is easy to incorporate into your diet if you are somebody who cooks from home.

    Next time you are whipping up anything in a pan, just lube it up with some good ole olive oil. Believe it or not you can even use olive oil in your beard, but we would recommend a beard oil that smells a little better.

      Science says that consuming more olive oil will lead to higher testosterone levels.
      Scientists in Morocco ran a study where young men switched their primary fat source to olive oil for 2-weeks. 

      What happened to these olive loving Morocans? Their testosterone exploded by 17%. This is almost guaranteed to make your beard long and luscious overtime.

      24. Coffee - Man’s true best friend (no disrespect to dogs)

      Coffee does a lot of things, one of them is improving your workouts and increasing your testosterone levels. Both of which are great news for facial hair.

      Most people actually don’t know this but coffee is a prevalent source of antioxidants (the same things that are in most healthy fruits) and magnesium. Plus fun fact: Coffee is the most used drug in the entire world!

      25. Lobster - Years ago lobsters were actually fed to prisoners because they were an “undesirable food”. Fast forward a century and now you need to break the bank every time you hit up the Red Lobster.

      Its probably not a food that you can afford to eat every night, but when you’re at dinner on a special night out, remember that lobster is packed with nutrients for your beard. Lobster is packed with protein, vitamin E, zinc, and iron, and helps boost beard growth by encouraging healthy follicles.

      26. Sweet Potatoes - You probably only eat these on Thanksgiving like the rest of us, but sweet potatoes are high in Beta-carotene which will help with all that cell growth going on in your beard.

        What happens on a scientific level is that this Beta-carotene gets transformed into Vitamin A and this encourages more cell growth in your hairs.

        27. Sorghum - Chances are you have never heard of this and may never hear of it again, but we wanted to leave you off with a nice surprise because this is most definitely an amazing food for beard growth.

        This plant has been hanging around for thousands of years and is an ancient grain, but is mostly grown in its native land of Africa. It is not as well studied as other grains, but it is known that sorghum can increase something called 5-a reductase by 54%

        You may ask what 5-a reductase is? It is the enzyme that converts our favorite: testosterone (beard-growing hormone) into DHT (a super beard boosting hormone).
        The only issue is good luck finding sorghum at your local grocery store! If you do, I'd recommend stocking up for good.


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        No more excuses for not having the beard that you want. Here are 27 great foods for your beard growth. At the end of the day you are what you eat so next time you’re picking foods at the grocery store, do your beard a big favor and pick something from this list.

        Here at Newmen we want to be your right hand man for you and your beard. We want to help you feel, look and smell your very best.


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