Top 25 Best Beard Styles for Men

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Top 25 Best Beard Styles for Men

Top 25 Best Beard Styles for Men

If you are considering spicing up not only your facial hair but also your life, we highly recommend checking out our top 25 favorite beard styles.

While beards come in all sizes and shapes, the cleanly trimmed look of yesterday is beginning to be replaced by longer, more full beards.

With this wide array of options that come with different lengths, we have made it our goal to compile a list of cutting edge styles we think you will enjoy.

There are countless ways in which a haircut can dramatically change up your look, and we are excited for you to have the chance to experiment with all these different styles.

Whether you're looking for a new way to style your long beard with a new haircut, or you're just getting into the facial hair game, this collection of styles will point you in the right direction.

Check out the variety of different beards styles below.

25. Thick Beard

Thick Beard

This beard style is not for everyone.

Growing out this style takes significant time and dedication in addition to good genetics.

It is common for someone with this style to consistently trim around the neck for a cleaner look.

However too much trimming and clean up will result in this beard never becoming a reality.

24. Short Beard

Short Beard

This beard style has become very popular by people of all ages capable of growing a beard.

The not too long not too short look is definitely a hit.

This look, more than likely requires a nice beard trimmer to keep the beard contained.

23. Faded Beard

Faded Beard

This is definitely more of a hipster look that has become more common over the years.

It is typically worn by younger men in urban settings.

The fade into the beard itself is definitely a clean look. 

22. Beard with Fade

Beard with Fade

Like the look above, this is definitely a more urban look.

The taper fade highlights the contrast between the beard and the hair on top creating a clean and structured look.

21. Cool Beard Shape 

Cool Beard Shape'

While this look can be achieved at home, its best to ask your barber or stylist to get it done for the first couple of times.

This helps you learn certain techniques and determine what looks best.

20. Long Beard

Long Beard Styles

This style is kept unruly and untamed. It shows confidence and requires little maintenance.

This style takes time but does not disappoint.

19. Bald with Beard

Bald with Beard

This is in fact a relatively popular style.

This look shows confidence and the beard honestly looks nice when fitted with the bald head.

This look also requires little maintenance which is definitely an added plus. 

18. Full Beard

Full Beard + Fade + Short Textured Top

This style goes great with a nice short hair cut.

The look allows for a lot of room for creativity.

For instance, you could go with the handlebar mustache look for an interesting urban touch.

If you are going to rock this look I recommend investing in some good beard oils/balms.

17. Man Bun + Beard 

Man Bun + Beard

This ambitious look is becoming very popular in both rural and urban settings.

You can’t go wrong with this look.

This style works best when the beard is kept at a reasonable length.

16. Goatee


If you are new to the world of facial hair - this style may be for you.

This style, in particular, is great for men who have trouble growing in really full beards.

The style looks good and doesn’t take too long to grow.

15. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke is an interesting look, to say the least.

I see this look a lot on athletes and people working in finance - so if this describes you this may be the perfect fit for you. 

14. Short Hair + Long Beard

Short Hair + Long Beard

This is a common and clean look.

The short hair blends nicely into the long beard.

This is definitely a more urban look perfect for people living in large cities.

13. Low Fade + Line Up + TrimmedBeard

Low Fade + Line Up + Trimmed Beard

This is a very clean look that's common basically everywhere.

This look definitely carries with it a significant amount of maintenance, but hey that's just the price you have to pay to look nice and cleaned up.

12. High Bald Fade + Crop Top + Full Beard

High Bald Fade + Crop Top + Full Beard

This look is ideal for job interviews or special occasions where you need to clean up and look presentable.

Since this look requires a lot of maintenance I recommend only using it when it is needed.

11. Medium Length Hair - Long, Thick Beard

Medium Length Hair - Long, Thick Beard

This unruly look really defines the man who grows it.

The look is a display of masculinity that requires little maintenance but lots of oils and balms.

10. Short Sides + Long Top + Beard Design

Short Sides + Long Top + Beard Design

This look is becoming more and more popular as beards are becoming more common and “in”.

If you like this look and are thinking about trying it out I recommend getting a nice reliable beard trimmer.

9. Beard + Slicked Back Hair

Beard + Slicked Back Hair

Medium length beard and the longer slick backed hair is a very clean that's taking over the bearded community.

This is a very urban/hipster look.

8. Thick Beard + Comb Over

Comb Over + Thick Beard

This is definitely one the cleaner ways to rock the long beard.

This look works for classy gatherings as well just going to get a drink.

If you are capable of growing a large beard I definitely recommend this look.

7. Beard + Buzz Cut

Beard + Buzz Cut

This is perhaps one of the more manly looks on this list and a personal favorite.

The medium-length beard and the short hair creates a rugged yet sophisticated look.

6. Burst Fade Mohawk + Thick Beard

Burst Fade Mohawk + Thick Beard

This is more of a rarer look - perfect for the individual who wants to stand out.

Definitely more of an urban look, though it could be worn in more of a rural setting.

This look requires a significant amount of maintenance.

5. Thick Beard Stubble + Brushed Back Hair

Thick Beard Stubble + Brushed Back Hair

This look requires a great head of hair and a non-patchy beard.

Definitely a more modern hipster look. I see this look a lot when I travel into the city. 

4. Shaved Sides + Top Knot + Long Beard

Shaved Sides + Top Knot + Long Beard

This sweet look is worn by the hipsters capable of growing a huge beard.

Typically the man that has this style spends a lot of time in the gym and is a self-declared fitness junkie.

A very interesting clash between hipster and rugged.

3. Messy Curly Hair + Full Short Beard

Messy Curly Hair + Full Short Beard

If you like this look you have to have a great head of hair and a pretty good understanding of pomades and gels.

This is a very clean urban look that you don’t see very often.

2. Rugged Beard

Rugged Beard

This is a very masculine look that takes little to no work - only patient and the ability to grow a full beard.

The rugged look is seen quite often in more rural areas.

1. Brushed Back Hair + Bushy Beard + Razor Fade

Brushed Back Hair + Bushy Beard

This is a very urban/hipster look.

While the beard won’t require much work, the fade will need to be cleaned up often.

This look takes time and work but it's definitely worth it. 


If you are in the mood to spice up your life with some luscious whiskers this is your go-to list.

We highly recommend checking out our top 25 favorite beard styles and if you have more ideas, please add them to the comments.

Enjoy growing your beard!



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